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Shepherd Tsomondo: Focus and goal-driven manager

Shepherd Tsomondo: Focus and goal-driven manager



This was the reaction of Shepherd Tsomondo when he learned that he is the newest General Manager for Sales and Revenue for Eventomax.

“I have always been passionate about sales and revenue management, and to be given the opportunity to lead such an important area of the company is truly an honor. I am eager to work with the team to drive growth, increase revenue, and contribute to the continued success of Eventomax,” he said.

When he started his journey at Eventomax, he set goals like establishing a solid foundation and reputation in the industry as a startup company for business process management (BPM) and offshoring/outsourcing based in Mandaue City. 

Additionally, Tsomondo wants to guarantee that Eventomax can provide the highest caliber services and continues to innovate to meet client expectations.

“My vision for Eventomax is to grow the company into a leading player in the outsourcing industry. I want to build a strong team that can take on new challenges and continue to develop the company's offerings,” he added.

In order for Eventomax to accomplish the objective, Tsomondo will emphasize on establishing a solid and varied clientele to become a well-respected and successful startup company. 

Tsomondo is not a rookie in the industry. 

Apart from the Philippines, he has worked in accounting, business development, marketing, and sales and has been to Malaysia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

The majority of his professional experience has been spent promoting outsourced services to help firms accomplish revenue targets.

“My hands-on approach and ability to understand the needs of my clients have helped me to achieve success throughout my career in the outsourcing industry,” he added. 

Because of his expertise and track record in this area, he was able to grasp the specific demands of clients and design solutions to them.


Tsomondo began his journey with Eventomax more than a month ago and regarded it as a great experience.

He is working closely with Leon Fedro, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and the team for a smooth and productive collaboration. 

“We have been able to accomplish a lot together and I feel that we make a strong team,” he said. 

Tsomondo ensures that he will make his biggest contributions to Eventomax's success, such as increasing revenue growth and new business prospects.

With Tsomondo's demonstrated track record for sales and revenue management and reputation as a highly analytical and strategic manager, these objectives are doable.

He also plans to leverage his experience and skills to furtherly help the company's client base and revenue.

“I also have a strong ability to lead and motivate teams, which I will use to build a strong and dedicated team that will work towards achieving the company's goals and objectives,” he added. 

He believes that his talents and experience in sales, revenue management, and leadership will help Eventomax achieve maximum success.

The Perception

Despite his track record, Tsomondo still wants the staff of Eventomax to view him as a leader who is approachable, encouraging, and invested in each employee's growth and development.

He wants to create a working atmosphere where people feel comfortable discussing problems and ideas since open communication and a great work environment might be essential for achieving optimum success.

Tsomondo also wants to be an example to other Eventomax employees as someone who holds themselves accountable for achieving the company's goals and objectives. 

"I believe that setting clear expectations and holding ourselves to high standards is important for success. Ultimately, I want the staff to view me as a leader who is dedicated to the success of the company and the growth and development of the team," he added.