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Investing On Offshoring Outsourcing Company | Business insights

Investing On Offshoring Outsourcing Company | Business insights

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An offshore outsourcing company is a business that offers services to customers placed in another country, commonly on a different continent. Offshore outsourcing companies can provide a huge variety of offerings, such as leads generation offerings, customer service, accounting and finance, human sources, and plenty of different varieties of business help.

Difference Between Offshoring and Outsourcing

Outsourcing: Due to its vast pool of English-speaking workers, cultural compatibility, and affordable labor costs, the Philippines is a favored outsourcing location for customer support and contact center operations. To take advantage of these advantages, a lot of multinational corporations outsource their call center and customer support activities to the Philippines.

For instance, an insurance business with headquarters in the UK may outsource customer care to a contact center in the Philippines to cut costs and provide round-the-clock assistance to customers.

Offshoring: The Philippines is a well-liked location for offshore the creation of software, video games, and animation. The nation boasts a sizable pool of knowledgeable and experienced IT specialists, and the government offers incentives and assistance to lure in outside capital.

An offshoring outsourcing company can take advantage of the favorable business environment, competitive labor costs, and highly skilled workforce in the Philippines to establish a development center or outsource operations such as call centers, back-office, and digital marketing. By doing so, the company can access specialized skills and services, including time-saving solutions such as time virtual assistants, and benefit from the lower costs associated with outsourcing and offshoring in the Philippines. This has escalated to a wide range of sectors such as software development, animation, and creative services making major changes in the Philippines as one of the top outsourcing offshoring destinations. Additionally, outsourcing customer service and call center operations to the Philippines allows companies to access highly skilled talent for these roles while saving time and costs.

What Is An Offshore Outsourcing Company?

An offshoring outsourcing company is a business that offers services to customers placed in another country, commonly on a different continent. Offshoring outsourcing companies can provide a huge variety of offerings, such as leads generation offerings, customer service, accounting and finance, human sources, and plenty of different varieties of business help. The number one advantage of offshore outsourcing is that it allows companies to get the right of entry to skilled labor and decrease labor costs in other countries. for instance, an IT company in the u.s. may additionally choose to outsource its software development work to a business enterprise in India, in which there's a huge pool of exceedingly skilled software developers who can complete the work at a lower price than within the US. Offshore outsourcing businesses generally have a group of employees who are positioned in a different country from their clients. The organization might also have its very own workplace and infrastructure in the offshore location, or it may work with associate businesses to offer the necessary assets.

Eventomax Inc. - A Global Leader in Offshore Staffing and Outsourcing Services

Eventomax Inc. is a BPO BPM offshoring company based in Cebu, Philippines, that offers offshore staffing and outsourcing services across a wide range of industries. Under the leadership of CEO and serial entrepreneur, Leon Fedro, the company has become a global expert in offshore staffing and outsourcing. Eventomax's diverse workforce, including employees from five continents, allows the company to provide a range of perspectives and insights that benefit clients across various industries. The company's services are applicable to sectors such as healthcare, finance and accounting, customer service, e-commerce, marketing, logistics and transportation, real estate, and more.

Client-Centric Approach and a Commitment to Social Responsibility

One of Eventomax's key differentiators is its client-centric approach to business. The company offers customized business concepts tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client, setting itself apart from competitors who may only offer affordable rates. This approach has helped Eventomax to build strong, personal relationships with clients and to deliver exceptional results that meet and exceed client expectations. In addition, we take pride in providing our clients with offshore outsourcing services that meet their operational and personnel demands at a reasonable cost. With its client-centric approach and offshore outsourcing services, Eventomax is also known for its commitment to empowering underprivileged people. The company provides career opportunities, training, and certification programs to individuals who may not have had access to such opportunities otherwise.

This commitment to social responsibility and community building makes Eventomax stand out from other offshore staffing and outsourcing providers. By creating a positive impact in the communities where the company operates, Eventomax is able to foster stronger relationships with its clients and employees, ultimately leading to greater success for all involved.

What do We Specialize in our Industry?

In healthcare, Eventomax provides medical billing and coding, clinical research support, medical transcription, and more. In finance and accounting, the company offers accounts payable and receivable, financial analysis and reporting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and more. For customer service, Eventomax provides inbound and outbound call center support, technical support, and live chat services. The business provides the administration of catalogs, order processing, and payment processing services in e-commerce. For marketing, Eventomax provides lead generation, digital marketing, and social media management services. Supply chain management, freight forwarding, and logistical support services are provided by the business in the areas of logistics and transportation. In real estate, Eventomax provides property management, real estate marketing, and tenant screening services. We are also proud to offer offshore outsourcing services for various industries. We are happy to help you with the services that we have studied, developed, worked, and provided for years in the industry. Check the list of services we have below. You may also set an appointment for further consultation and discussion of your needs.

Our offshore outsourcing services are also made to offer affordable options to companies looking to simplify their operations. By outsourcing to us, you can benefit from our expertise and experience, while also reducing your overhead costs.

Eventomax Services:

  • Customer Service

Customers are happy when they are satisfied and satisfaction comes when more than efficient assistance is given even before and after customers' transactions. Customer Service is essential to making sure that clients understand if they seek clarification on the product or service they are acquiring.

  • Customer Support

Do your customers have concerns and inquiries? Customer service representatives can handle and solve them, particularly for product and service information, as well as taking orders and processing returns. When customers understand, they purchase and boost company sales.

  • Tech Support

The need of having an IT infrastructure is becoming more widely acknowledged in this digital era. The essence of having technical support is to make sure that everything is maintained. When IT concerns arise, the technical support team can configure hardware and software, and install, manage, repair, and resolve network issues.

Support Staff

Multitasking is important and every support staff can master this quality. EventoMax's support staff can forward calls and messaging to even jot down the minutes of the meetings. Having a support staff can definitely achieve more deliverables and beat deadlines.

EventoMax is your remote arena. One of the services that we take pride in that can be done remotely is virtual assistance. The main job of virtual assistants is to deliver high-quality work on administrative projects with minimum supervision.

  • Digital Marketing

The pandemic has affected businesses but digital marketing has helped them to thrive. Digital marketing is the trend to make sure the company is visible across the globe. EventoMax is a nest where it brainstorms new and creative ideas that can contribute to company growth. This includes planning and execution for advertising campaigns, database marketing, email, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media optimization (SMO).

It's easy to monitor the company's financial status if you have a bookkeeper who can do this job. A bookkeeper keeps and processes records such as expenses, financial transactions and data, invoices, purchases, payments, and sales revenue. A company's bookkeepers are also its guardians, ensuring that it has complied with all applicable laws and regulations.

  • Sales

The sales team's function is essential to the sustainability of the business. Hence, there is a need to hire an experienced and strong sales team who can deliver the goal. The main job is even working remotely it can sell products and meet customers' needs which will convert to sales. When a company hires a sales team who is strategic and knows how to deal with customers, then your company can move for.

Reaching sales goals requires dedication and commitment. Our lead generations are responsible for selling corporate products and services. It can be through sales leads, prospect calls, and answering calls from clients and potential customers.

  • Chat Support

Messages are important to make sure the company and customers are always connected. Having a chat support team is the greatest approach to completing this function on a daily basis.

Wrap Up

Overall, Eventomax Inc can provide affordable outsourcing solutions by exploring various options, including offshore and nearshore outsourcing and negotiating contracts with clients. It's essential to balance cost with quality and ensure that outsourcing doesn't compromise the company's core competencies.

Do you want to reach maximum success? Invest in Eventomax Inc. your offshoring and outsourcing company or send us a message by clicking this link

Difference Between Offshoring and Outsourcing

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