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The BPO work culture

The BPO work culture


Running a contact center business has taught the company about great people, enthusiasm, dedication, and loyalty.

New friends were made, and we worked together to build a company from scratch that now employs over 100 people and is expanding rapidly.

Unfortunately, there is something else is happening.

Every company in the offshoring, outsourcing, and business process management (BPM) industries, including mine and the big players, received negative reviews and libelous social media posts to an insulting personal extend from former employees who resigned or were terminated.

All businesses are accused of being toxic, of not paying their employees' salaries, of having inept management, or simply of being unable.

Have you ever considered the reasons behind what employers do?

Did you give the required amount of notice under the Labor Laws? Have you guys returned any equipment that the business loaned to you to use while working, such as laptops and headsets? Have you guys demonstrated a suitable level of attendance?

You might have published articles on social media criticizing your former workplace and poaching coworkers.

An employer will always pay their employees and those wo leave with the appropriate level of professionalism without jeopardizing your reputation or that of the business.

No employer fosters or cultivates a hostile work environment. Those who fall short of expectations create toxic situations by criticizing and nagging others behind their backs rather than making improvements.

This demonstrates your lack of professionalism and your unwillingness to acknowledge your shortcomings. Subpar by default because success required the appropriate attitude.

You will succeed if you approach your work with the correct mindset and are grateful for the possibilities that come your way.

Follow the rules if you want to leave.

Playing by the rules without attempting to harm or discredit your soon-to-be former employer earns you a last salary, a prorated 13th-month salary, bright reference, and a potential future return.

The biggest plus: is no stress. You can focus on future tasks without looking back and without fear that your now former employer might file legal charges against you!

The scenario is a masterwork of professionalism!

Foreign investors will simply leave the Philippines or refuse to hire Filipino management staff if you don't alter your mindset and recognize that you are hurting every employer you have ever worked for.

We still believe that Cebu, Philippines is an excellent place to run a global business. Good people are helping us, and we hope to find better people!

This is a statement from E-Max management. We are people from 5 continents and consist of as many women as men. We are proud of our work and happy to be part of the E-Max Group Management.

In case you like to work for an employer who cares about you with fair treatment and open opportunities, you are invited to apply at

We are looking for you!

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