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New Year 2023: Staff decisions as growth accelerator!

New Year 2023: Staff decisions as growth accelerator!


It is well known in the industry that we had a great start this 2023 as the newly rebranded Emax Group with many deals acquired in January.

What is not known is that growth comes with a price.  I am specifically talking about the obligation to be ready for growth when accepting new tasks, new industries, and more clients.

This also means embracing the question yourself about how the way you do things including people in actual positions.

Quality integration

It is all about quality.  What you need is quality processes, quality systems, and quality people.

I am happy to announce that we successfully reshaped our internal operations processes and are working together with a newly hired team of experts for business processing management (BPM), client success, offshoring, outsourcing, and recruitment operations that fit to handle high-volume accounts.

While saying hello to our new team, I would like to say thank you and bye to our previous operations team who served us with quite reasonable performances in 2022.

In your limited way of delivering basic performances, you guys were exactly what was needed at that time.


Thank you for what you have accomplished, especially for acknowledging your limitations and looking for challenges that fit your skill set while also making room for fresh, more experienced, and seasoned people to take it from there.

I will be eternally grateful to you and happy to serve as a reference.

New Goals

To our new operations team, I would like to express my excitement to work with you. By stating here publicly,  I will do my best to support and assist you in every way needed.

Let us go above and beyond limitations to become the brand that stands for client-fanatic services and results for our international partners! 

If you need a concept and result-driven offshore team or looking for classic offshoring, outsourcing, and BPM service concepts, do not hesitate to contact us! We will take the journey to achieve maximum success. 

Our website is also available for your perusal.