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Love your work: A Valentine's Day Special

Love your work: A Valentine's Day Special


Love is not just about feelings or relationships. Sometimes, love is all about being passionate about the things being valued or cherished.

Just like loving the current job that inspires us to grow professionally and personally.

As Valentine's Day approaches, consider how love can flourish a professional career.

We selected Eventomax employees who shared their love and passion they put into the company who have contributed in achieving maximum success.


Kristel Samlero is Eventomax's quality assurance specialist. Her job is to report bugs and issues found in every deployment of a company's website to ensure that clients experience quality experience.

She has been with the company for almost a year and she describes her stint with Eventomax as fulfilling.

"Yes it is fulfilling that I do my job as a software QA and coded some of the issues reported to make our website well designed and functional." she said.

The 25-year-old Lapu-Lapu City native loves her job at Eventomax because it improves her skills in software testing and coding.

She is also happy with the friendly environment plus her joyful and initiative team that keeps her motivated at work.

Samlero learned about Eventomax from her former Supervisor and currently the Deputy Chief of Staff Manager of General Affairs now for Eventomax, Cliff Ian Murillo.

Another thing that Samlero is grateful to be part of Eventomax because she has come a long way with her skills.

So what are her pieces of advice to young professionals on how to love your job?

"Working is not just all about the salary but it is all about the chance and opportunity to enhance the skills. Always go for learning as it will open more opportunities in the future," she added.


The accounting and finance is one of the busiest departments for a company.

And for Rica Jean Cuyos, the Accounting Supervisor for Eventomax it is gratifying to work here where she learns new knowledge with desired results.

“I have always aimed for it from the beginning of my career. I appreciate Eventomax Inc. for providing me with this opportunity,” she told the Emax team.

She loves her work as it enables her to gain new experiences that she can pass onto others while also advancing the company goals and aspirations. 

In this field, Cuyos has discovered how competitive the world is and how important it is to develop ethical and just business practices. 

“Additionally, as no man is an island, cooperation, and communication are a need for everyone to succeed,” Cuyos said.

While she continues and enjoys her journey here in Eventomax she advises aspiring professionals to appreciate jobs.

“Little milestones are where success begins,” she added.

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