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Choosing the Right Medical Outsourcing Partner

Choosing the Right Medical Outsourcing Partner


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the healthcare sector with entirely unexpected challenges, putting its ability to manage a global crisis. It provided a wake-up call and a chance to enable healthcare professionals to grow more flexible and creative in order to give patients with high-quality treatment. Solutions are being developed, despite the health crisis, to guarantee high-quality healthcare and services. In Eventomax, we introduced business process management (BPM) to increase the complexity of the healthcare industry and streamline operations. The Eventomax Inc concept of medical outsourcing services for medical professionals emphasizes the importance of providing a high level of service that meets the unique needs of the medical industry, while also complying with healthcare regulations and data security requirements. Medical practitioners may make sure that their patients get the medical treatment they require quickly and effectively by choosing the correct medical outsourcing service provider. 

Learn more about BPM in the healthcare industry and its significance in this article. 

Medical Services (BPM) 

Process optimization - The common reason why BPM is essential in the healthcare sector is to achieve process optimization. It's normal in the healthcare sector that administrative tasks are overwhelming and it takes time and resources to finish.  However, BPM addresses this concern by helping this sector and workers in reducing time and administrative tasks to focus on providing quality care for patients. An example is optimizing the process for patient registration which can help patients in spending time in the waiting room and improve different customer service.   Aside from patient registration, other services that can be optimized through BPM are filling out paperwork, sending reminders, and scheduling appointments.    

Compliance Management - Patient care, privacy, and safety are important in the healthcare sector. They are governed by several laws and regulations. They can be faithfully and regularly observed by BPM. 

Just like obtaining patient consent for medical procedures, BPM ensures patients' important information is rightfully documented.    BPM can also store and safeguard data, stop breaches, and support patient privacy.   

Quality Management - Adopting  BPM provides quality management. This gives patients the peace of mind that they will receive dependable, high-quality follow-up care while medical records are promptly updated.    

Expense Reduction - When everything is optimized, it reduces cost and prevents risks in duplication, errors, and inefficiencies.  

BPM synchronizes the ordering procedure for medical supplies, ensuring that only essential items are acquired at the most affordable price. 

This can help healthcare providers reduce their supply costs and increase their profitability. 

Eventomax Benefits for Medical Industry

 Benefits of Eventomax Services for the Medical Industry  

  • Streamlined patient care and improved patient experience  

Eventomax Inc provides a comprehensive range of services for the medical industry, enabling streamlined patient care and improved patient experience. By tracking treatment plans and addressing concerns regularly, we can streamline patient care and provide educational resources to improve patient engagement and lead to better outcomes. 

  • Increased efficiency and productivity for medical practices  

Our representatives can efficiently manage and schedule appointments for patients, reducing the workload for medical staff and improving the overall efficiency of the medical practice. We adhere to strict regulatory and security standards to ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information, increasing efficiency and productivity for medical practices. 

  • Improved scheduling and appointment management  

We can handle rescheduling requests, reducing the workload for medical staff, and ensuring appointment schedules meet the unique needs of the Medical Industry. Additionally, we can ensure that patients are seen as soon as possible and cancellations are filled promptly, and we can provide online scheduling for patients' convenience. 

  • Reduced costs and improved revenue cycle management  

By outsourcing services to a professional provider like Eventomax Inc, Medical practices can reduce costs and improve revenue cycle management. Our employees can verify insurance coverage, follow up on submitted claims, process payments, and provide data analysis to optimize revenue collection and reduce costs.  

Eventomax Inc can help medical practices provide better patient care, improved patient experience, increased efficiency, scheduling, appointment management, reduced costs, and improved revenue cycle management, all while complying with healthcare regulations and data security requirements specific to the Medical Industry. 

Comprehensive Range of Eventomax Services   

The medical industry can benefit from Eventomax through our wide range of services. Appointment scheduling, patient registration, insurance verification, medical billing and coding, prescription refill management, medical information and advice, follow-up calls, remote patient monitoring, telemedicine services, health coaching and education, medical research, and concierge/reception service.    

Our offers include the following:   

Appointment scheduling   

This is an essential part of medical care for patients to receive timely medical attention and helps medical professionals to be time efficient. An example tool is an online scheduling option that helps patients book an appointment through mobile applications or websites. It can be transparent on patients' end as they can view available appointments, choose a preferred schedule, and receive a confirmation notice.   

Patient Registration 

This is an important healthcare process that allows healthcare providers to ask for your personal information including medical histories. Patient registration can help them serve patients better and give them the right medical attention.  

Eventomax can provide effective patient registration services like online registration options, utilize self-check-in kiosks, and mobile check-in options.  

Insurance Verification 

Patients can understand their insurance coverage making them more informed about their decisions in terms of medical care and cutting potential out-of-pocket expenses. Medical practitioners can also benefit from insurance verification because it guarantees prompt payment for services given, lowers administrative costs, and improves cash flow for healthcare providers.  

Medical billing and coding 

In order to assure proper billing and coding, our medical billing and coding service at Eventomax Inc. makes use of cutting-edge technology and highly qualified personnel, lowering the possibility of errors and potential income loss. This can help medical practices stay current on billing and coding regulations and ensures ethical and responsible billing practices.  

Medical advice and information 

Eventomax includes licensed medical specialists who give people accurate and current medical advice. In addition to assisting patients in better managing their health, medical advice and information may also provide patients peace of mind by identifying their worries and resolving their queries.  

Follow-up Calls 

We make sure that patients deserve the right care and treatment after their medical visit. Medical personnel has the chance to address any issues or queries raised by patients during follow-up calls, which benefits patient outcomes and satisfaction in general.  

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Advanced technology is being utilized to accomplish remote patient monitoring services at Eventomax. Real-time tracking and analysis of patient health data gives healthcare professionals knowledge about a patient's health and enables them to offer proactive and preventative therapy.  

This program not only enhances patient outcomes by spotting potential health issues early on, but it can also lower healthcare expenditures by reducing emergency room and hospital readmissions.  

Telemedicine Service 

Patients can consult with doctors and other medical professionals without having to travel far or wait in a congested waiting area through telemedicine service. This promotes access to healthcare for people living in rural or underdeveloped areas while also giving patients a more comfortable choice.  

Healthcare Services 

A wide range of support systems that help with the effective delivery of medical care are included in healthcare services. These services strive to raise the standard and accessibility of healthcare for both patients and providers, from administrative duties like billing and data management to technical support services like medical encryption. 

Medical Research 

The advancement of medicine is greatly aided by medical research, which gives healthcare professionals new information, therapies, and tools to better serve patients. Healthcare workers may provide their patients with the most advanced and effective care by keeping up with the most recent research. 

Concierge/ Reception 

Patients can receive a tailored and professional experience from a concierge or reception service, boosting their satisfaction and their first impression of the medical office. This service can also assist healthcare practitioners by allowing them to concentrate on providing high-quality medical care by taking care of administrative responsibilities like appointment scheduling and check-in.  

Eventomax Patient Experience Improvement

Key Factors for Successful Patient Experience Improvement 

  Improving patient experiences is essential to healthcare because it has a direct impact on the standard of treatment given to patients. Recognizing the importance of improving the patient experience in attaining better results and patient happiness, healthcare companies have been concentrating more on this in recent years. To properly enhance the patient experience, several important considerations must be made.  Some of these components include effective communication, patient-centered care, efficient processes, accessibility to information and resources, and constant assessment and improvement. Healthcare companies may enhance patient satisfaction, results, and general quality of care by giving these important considerations a top priority.  

Patient and Kind 

As they enable patients to feel acknowledged and supported throughout their healthcare journey, these are essential components for fostering great patient experiences. Stronger ties between patients and healthcare providers as well as increased patient satisfaction might result from kind and patient-centered employees. 

Effective communication and Prompt Action  

Healthcare providers can increase patient happiness, expedite operations, and improve the entire patient experience by educating help desk staff to interact with patients in simple, straightforward language and to act quickly on their requests.  

Improved health impacts may also be attained through short response times since individuals are more likely to seek immediate medical attention if they believe that their issues will be treated swiftly and successfully.  

Technology Integration and Data-Driven 

The integration of contact center services with already available medical technologies, such as electronic health records, must be straightforward (EHR). Enhancing patient care is possible by streamlining communication. Data analytics should be used to evaluate and track patient experience, identify issue areas, and measure outcomes. This makes it feasible to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the patient experience. 

Patient-centric approach to communication   

The purpose of patient-centered care is to deliver individualized, compassionate, and efficient treatment by putting the patient at the center of their own care. Providing patient-centered care is necessary to guarantee that patients receive consistent, superior treatment at all points of contact.   

It includes assistance, follow-up appointments, and treatments.  

Adaptability and tailoring 

The delivery of healthcare must be adaptable and tailored in order to be successful. Healthcare providers must be able to modify their offerings to meet patients' shifting requirements and cater to particular patient demographics. This entails being aware of the particular requirements, tastes, and cultural backgrounds of patients in order to adapt services. Healthcare providers may strengthen the overall healthcare system, improve patient results, and increase satisfaction by offering adaptable and tailored solutions.  

Enhancing the patient experience is crucial to raising the standard of healthcare as a whole. Patients are more inclined to connect with and trust healthcare professionals when they have a great experience, which improves health outcomes and raises patient satisfaction. Gaining a greater understanding of their patients' wants and preferences enables healthcare practitioners to adapt services and raise the standard of treatment, which benefits patients. 

As a consequence, healthcare institution companies that would provide healthcare outsourcing services might experience an uptick in their business performance and also an increase in patient loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Eventomax Custom-Tailored Experience

Custom-Tailored Service  

Healthcare providers have the opportunity to boost patient happiness and loyalty by providing individualized service and attention.  

By customizing messages and services, we can create a personalized experience that is tailored to each patient's needs, leading to increased patient satisfaction and loyalty. Eventomax can also help healthcare providers proactively reach out to patients to remind them of appointments, follow-up care, and other services, thereby enhancing patient compliance and results. Customized treatment plans, targeted health education, and specialized assistance can all be offered by using patient data to deliver personalized service and attention. 

This individualized method can boost patient involvement, enhance patient outcomes, and help healthcare providers function more profitably. 

 Empathy and Compassion: Patients want to feel heard, understood, and cared for by healthcare providers and staff. By training customer service representatives to display empathy and compassion towards patients, healthcare providers can improve patient experience and satisfaction.   

Clear Communication and Quick Response: In healthcare, effective communication is crucial. It is important to train agents to speak in plain, uncomplicated terms that patients can understand. They also need to be able to convert medical terminology into English that patients can comprehend. Healthcare professionals must respond promptly to patients. It is feasible to make sure that patients receive prompt attention and solutions to their queries or concerns with the help of customer service services.   

Modern Systems Integration and Data Analytics: Contact center services have to be simple to incorporate with existing medical technologies, including electronic health records (EHR). This can improve patient care by streamlining communication. Data analytics should be used in customer services to assess and monitor patient experience, pinpoint problem areas, and track results. Making data-driven decisions and continuously enhancing the patient experience are made possible by this.   

Continuity of Care: In order for patients to obtain consistent, high-quality treatment across all contact points, customer representative services should be created to provide continuity of care. This covers support, setting up follow-up appointments, and follow-up treatment.  

Flexibility and Customization: Contact center services should be flexible and configurable to fit the particular needs of each healthcare provider and patient demographic. This requires modifying services to meet the needs of certain patient groups as well as adapting to changes in patient numbers and service requirements.  

Both patients and healthcare professionals may benefit greatly from enhancing the experience of patients. 

Personalized service and attention   

Healthcare providers, including those that offer medical outsourcing services, can boost patient happiness and loyalty by giving patients more individualized service and attention. Contact center agents can use patient information, such as medical history and preferences, to offer tailored suggestions and direction.   

Agents may make patients feel more valued and supported by using patient information to customize messages and services. Eventomax can also help providers proactively reach out to patients to remind them of appointments, follow-up care, and other services. This may enhance patient compliance and results. Beyond customer service, personalized service and attention may also be provided.   

To personalize care plans, give focused health education, and offer patients tailored support, providers can use patient data.  

Use of technology for efficiency and convenience  

Technology has the potential to improve customer service operations and communicate efficiently. Automated call distribution (ACD), for instance, can assist in directing inquiries toward the most qualified representative depending on the needs of the patient.   

An outsourced team can use electronic health records (EHR) and other healthcare technologies to access patient data and provide more efficient service. By doing this, you may be able to shorten waiting time and enhance patient satisfaction in general.  

  Patients expect convenience and accessibility from healthcare providers, including those that offer medical outsourcing services. By offering 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week customer service via numerous channels, such as phone, email, and chat, providers can give patients more easily available medical care. Outsourcing teams including those that are part of medical outsourcing services, can also leverage technology to offer additional services, such as telemedicine consultations, prescription refills, and virtual health coaching. This can help improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while reducing costs for providers.  

Data security and regulatory compliance in the healthcare industry can both be improved by technology. Customer services, including those that are part of medical outsourcing services, should use secure platforms and protocols to protect patient data and ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulations. 

Compliance with healthcare regulations and data security  

Effective medical outsourcing services must prioritize compliance with healthcare regulations and data security to maintain patient trust and ensure the integrity of their services. To comply with regulations like HIPAA, customer service representatives must be trained in HIPAA compliance and use secure platforms and protocols to protect patient data. 

  As a backup measure in case of a security breach or other disruption, measures for business continuity and disaster recovery should also be strategized to guarantee that medical outsourcing services are well-maintained. 

Effectively managing patient communication requests and consent is necessary to guarantee that patients are aware of how their information is used and given the choice to reject specific types of contact. Patient communication preferences and consent must be managed carefully in order to ensure that patients are informed about how their data is being used and given the choice to decline particular types of contact.  

Overall, compliance with healthcare regulations and data security is essential to maintain patient trust and ensure the effectiveness of medical outsourcing services.  

How to Choose the Right Outsourcing Service Provider  

 Key factors to consider when selecting a customer service provider for medical outsourcing services include HIPAA compliance, experience, and knowledge in the sector, technology and infrastructure, location, training, quality assurance programs, customization and flexibility, cost, reputation, and references. Important things to consider to take into account when choosing a customer service provider for the medical sector include these aspects.   

Medical practices can select a provider that can meet their needs and serve their patients with high-quality care by taking these aspects into consideration when selecting a provider for their medical outsourcing services.  

The importance of healthcare regulations and data security   

Adherence to healthcare regulations and data security is of utmost importance in the medical industry, especially when it comes to medical outsourcing services. There is a need for suitable measures to protect patient privacy and prevent unauthorized access because sensitive information is shared and preserved. Healthcare standards like HIPAA have strict legal, financial, and reputational repercussions for non-compliance.  

 Data breaches can also lead to fraud, identity theft, and other negative effects on patients. To prevent these situations, healthcare organizations that outsource medical services need to prioritize regulatory compliance and implement robust data security measures to protect patient information.  

Overall, adherence to healthcare regulations and data security is vital in maintaining the trust and confidence of patients and ensuring the smooth operation of the medical industry, including medical outsourcing services. 

Wrap Up   

Outsourcing medical services can significantly benefit medical practices, improving patient care, reducing costs, and improving revenue cycle management. However, it is crucial to choose the right medical outsourcing service provider to maximize these benefits. Compliance with healthcare regulations and data security is essential to protect patient privacy and avoid legal and financial consequences. Additionally, experience and expertise in the medical industry, technology and infrastructure, location, training, quality assurance programs, customization and flexibility, multilingual support, cost, and reputation and references are all critical factors to consider when selecting a medical outsourcing service provider. As an industry leader, Eventomax Inc has extensive experience providing medical outsourcing customer services to medical practices, including compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations, robust data security measures, and customized and flexible solutions.  

By partnering with the right outsourcing provider in the Philippines, medical practices can ensure a seamless and high-quality experience for their patients, while freeing up valuable resources to focus on patient care and practice growth for more inquiries visit our page or send a to Eventomax Inc.